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Our Services


We can take care of any type of panelbeating required.  From your horse truck or float to the farm hack or your brand new road car.  Whatever your panelbeating needs contact the friendly staff at C.A.R.S. and they'll see you right.  Honest, reliable, top quality service is what we deliver.

Restoration and Repair of all Vehicles

C.A.R.S can restore any type of motor vehicle.  No project is too big or too small for our dedicated team.  We are experienced in working with steel and manipulating bare metal.  If a part is beyond repair and a replacement cannot be found we can usually make it from scratch.  1955 Citreon, Ford Thunderbird Convertible, Ford Falcon Coupe, Ford Ranchero Ute, Sunbeam Chrysler, Cadillacs, Austin Healey's, Jags, Corvette, Holden Monaro, HQ Holden, EH Holden - these are just some of the many varied motor vehicles C.A.R.S. has restored or repaired.  We will tackle any project whether it be your family heirloom Holden left to you by your great-great-grandfather or a freshly imported Mustang rebuild - if you require any repairs or restoration work bring it to C.A.R.S. and get it done right the first time.

Insurance Work

Being qualified to carry out structural repairs and a member of the Collison Repair Association enables us to handle insurance work for most insurance companies.  As well as our main restorative work we do carry out all standard panelbeating for any early, late or brand new model motor vehicles.  

Private Work

If you have a special project car you want some specialist help with, don't be afraid to come in and "pick our brains".  We are happy to discuss any projects you are undertaking, whether you are doing the work at home or through our workshop.  If you want a hands on experience during your restoration this can be arranged as well.  We welcome customer involvement throughout the project.  Whether you get everything done in one hit on a limitless budget, or stage by stage on a tight budget, we will accommodate your needs and requirements and work alongside with you to help bring your dream to reality.

Customizing and Certification

Steve likes nothing better than to transform a car into a piece of art, he can design something new to make your car a one and only example of its type.  His previous body kit work has won awards.  It you are looking to kit out your car - flares, mouldings, spoilers, bonnets, boots, etc, we can source and supply standard body kits or arrange for your "one off" to be made up and then fitted onto your vehicle. 


Plastic Welding

For all your plastic welding requirements come to C.A.R.S.  Farm bike parts, farming equipment.  C.A.R.S. can take care of your plastic welding requirements.