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2016 Big Boys Toys here we come ...

Firstly, Eugene & Tracey McWatt have polished off their writing skills and written a fun and interesting article for the latest Auckland Mustang Owners Club magazine.  Great work guys.  Good to see Nathaniel getting ready for his racecar driving career and judging by the grin on Eugene's face he was over the moon to meet Dougie from The Hot Rod Show and Earl from Popeye Pics.  It was a good day out, enjoyed by all.   Now, secondly, AWESOME news ...  Eugene and Tracey have been asked to display their car at the BIG BOYS TOYS show in both Auckland (October) AND Palmerston North (November) this year.  A tribute not only to Eugene and Steves hardword but to Eugene's vision for the presentation of this car and Tracey's amazing dedication (and patience!).

Steve and the team at CARS really appreciate the kind words repeatedly put out there by our clients, to name a few Eugene, Tracey, Charles, Heather.  You know who you are and your praise and continued support is truly appreciated.  Thank you.