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Success at the 2011 Concours de Elegance

Following on from the pleasing results at the 2010 Mustang Convention, the "green beast" (a bright green 1973 Mustang Mach 1 owned by Rex and Karen of Northland) was invited to attend the 2011 Concours de Elegance held at Ellerslie on 13th and 14th of February this year.  The Auckland Mustang Owners Club chooses four of its member vehicles to enter into this car show.  Cars entered vary from Mustangs (of course) to Mini and Mercedes-Benz.  To be invited as one of four mustangs entered is quite something for the green beast but to actually take team 1st place - well we've had our cake and eaten it (not to mention cleaned up all the icing as well!). 

 All four mustangs took top points, and the green beast with its partner in crime (a 1970 convertible owned by Russell) won an overall point score of 1,033.  The maximum points possibly earnt is 1,180, so not a bad effort for the muzzies this year.  Next in line was the AMOC team 1 which totalled 1,017 points followed by the Porsche Car Club at 998.  A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into these cars and it's great to see the restorers and owners aren't the only ones who appreciate them for what they are - awesome four wheel machines.  From the team at C.A.R.S. in Pukekohe - congratulations to the members of Auckland Mustang Owners Club team 2 - Rex & Karen and Douglas and team 1 - Will (Mach 1) and Ian (1966 GT).  Thanks again are due to the AMOC for inviting these vehicles and for their continued support and representation at these events.