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2014 Annual Auckland Mustang Owners Club Convention

The recent 2014 AMOC car show proved to be great success for the club and public alike! Attendence was high and the quality of cars on display would have made any Blue Oval Henry fan proud. The build quality on the cars on display was second to none. Un-fortunately, there must be a winner picked for the display which does not make our judges jobs any easier!  We won by the way!

 With four cars on display, all four took first place in their respective category's. Were proud to announce that first place was awarded to Kent and Mark Wheeler's 1965 Fastback for best restomod, peoples choice and sponsers choice. Next was Iain and Nikki Draper and there 64 1/2 convertable taking first place in their respective category. Then came Eugene and Tracy Mcwatt with their 1973 Sports Roof again taking first place. Last but by no means least is Charles and Heather Quintal with their 1967 Notchback coming first in the 67-68 coupe category and also being awarded the 50 year iconic 'Spirit of Mustang' award at the Canterbury 2014 National Mustang Convention.  Well done to all our customers and everyone involved with the build of these cars.  We look forward to building more award winning cars in the future!  See you soon from the team at CARS.